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What makes our firm different is that the three senior lawyers at our firm, Philip Kessler, Richard Green, and I, all have a long distinguished record of successfully handling complex matters. When a client retains our firm, they get one or more of the senior lawyers at reasonable rates. We don't downstream the matters to less experienced lawyers; that's what really makes our firm different.

We're a small firm of very senior lawyers, and therefore what clients can expect to receive from us is hands-on senior involvement in all aspects of the transaction by the lawyers themselves. We don't delegate down; you have hands-on involvement. Our philosophy is to bring to every transaction or matter our experience, our seasoned judgment, our efficiency, creativity, and nimbleness. Our fundamental philosophy is to treat clients the way we would want to be treated if we were the client. We have a high level of expectation of ourselves, and we expect and anticipate that our clients will have that same level of expectation from us. We are committed to providing responsive, nimble, efficient service at reasonable rates.

The single most important thing is someone who has real experience in whatever the subject matter is. You don't want a novice; you want someone who's intelligent, articulate, clear-thinking, someone you are comfortable talking to about things that might be difficult to talk about. Someone who doesn't appear to be judgmental, someone who's open, someone who is a strong shoulder you can lean on, someone who is trustworthy, someone who you trust, you feel comfortable with, that person's track record, the way he or she relates to you, convinces you that he or she has the capacities to do the work that you need to have done, whatever it is."

A Preeminent Team

We offer sophisticated counsel to businesses of all sizes, and to their owners. Our litigation and corporate client engagements are led respectively, by Philip Kessler and Richard Green. We deliver to each client the quality of work and service that reflect Phil and Dick’s extensive experience.

Trial Experience That Matters

There are great litigators in the United States. Unfortunately, too few litigators have experience taking a case through trial, particularly as lead counsel. Without significant trial experience, litigators are hampered in their ability to create an effective litigation plan and to execute it effectively through motion practice, discovery, settlement negotiations and trial. In contrast, Phil’s proven experience and talent in trying difficult cases to judges and juries, confirmed by the recognition of his peers, ensure that he is an ideal lead counsel. He is a superb choice to represent our clients efficiently and effectively from the begining of a case through its conclusion. Richard Green also provides invaluable support. While Dick is not a litigator, he has supported those who are in many engagements over many years. His litigation sensitivity, coupled with his extensive knowledge of corporate and commercial law adds great value to many litigation engagements.

When the engagment requires additonal legal assistance, we are well able to add trusted colleagues from firms in New York, Michigan or in virtually any US jurisdiction to create the scale that is required while maintaining our rigorous quality standards.

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Serving A Wide Range Of Business And Commerical Needs

Richard Green is an exceptional corporate lawyer with extentive experience in virtually every phase of corporate and commercial law, as his biography attests. Any business or corporate client can be assured that Dick’s skills and experiece will bring bring great value to those matters they entrust to him.

As Dick often supports Phil in complex corporate litigation, Phil often supports Dick in corporate and business negagements that benefit from Phil’s strategic advice particularly. Clients who have worked with Phil and Dick as a team see the synergistic effects their collaborations create.

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